Review Granta sedan


‘People’s car’ has now more striking and attractive design. LADA Granta inherited contemporary design of new LADA style.
X-shaped elements of the front bumper, expressive design of lighting equipment and plenty of other usable improvements - this is new LADA Granta.


It is true - we have become better, smarter, stronger and have more experience now. We know the joy of discovering something new inside and around. We notice changes in something what really matters - style, comfort and functionality of our favorite car.

  • Height adjustable driver’s seat - for your comfort: the adjustment range is up to 40 mm.
  • Head lights courtesy delay – “See me home”. Wherever you are - inside or outside the car - LADA Granta is taking care of you.
  • Air ducts to supply warm air to keep the feet of the rear passengers warm - LADA Granta does care about those are on board.
  • Electrically heated and driven side mirrors.
  • Interior lighting with courtesy delay Lighting switches off 25 seconds after the door is closed or right after ignition.
  • Rain sensor is a true helping hand in rainy weather, it monitors the condition of windshield surface and actuates the wipers when necessary. Windshield heating - simple button pressing instead of 10 minutes of manual cleaning.


Remember the joy you experience when you get a present you’ve always dreamt of!? Imagine the joy of the person who gets a present from you - a present he’s always dreamt of! It is still hard sometimes to understand what people next to you want. It is good to have a car able to meet the needs which vary.

  • New design of dashboard with white-colored lighting.
  • New design and shape of seats with sculptured profile of lateral support.
  • Central console of dashboard with X-style sculptured elements and LED-lighting for displayed symbols.
  • Smart geometry of headrests.
  • Stylish GB lever, glossy black, chrome-plated.


The world of high speed requires to be more careful on the road. Responsibility is about being careful and taking care about others. Advanced technologies offer reliable and efficient support! A package of electronic systems to support the driver - anytime, anywhere. The thoroughly engineered load-bearing body frame and state-of-the-art safety systems ensure LADA Granta is fully compliant with the applicable European Driver, Passengers, and Pedestrians Safety Regulations. What makes the new LADA Granta stronger, more reliable and long-lasting? Well-proven and tested technologies:

  • Increased road clearance - for confident driving on any roads.
  • Galvanized steel of the body (bottom, mudguards, sidewalls).
  • Steel of increased strength (car body frame).
  • Solid and durable anti-gravel coating of the bottom.
  • Hidden cavities of the body are treated with corrosion-proof compound.
  • Polyester primer - increased resistance to chipping.
  • Engine pistons are treated with graphite coating, which prevents rubbing.
  • Exhaust silencer is made of stainless steel.
  • Bigger-sized front mud flaps ensure better protection for the paint on the front splashers and prevent abrasive wearing of the body sills.
  • Hood seal ensure good protection of the engine compartment of mud penetration.